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The most popular Mexican drinks


Mexico isn’t only a culture rich in dishes, but also in drinks, which transmit in their flavor the essence of this great nation. Mexican drinks are ideal for any occasion, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner; for hot or cold weather, they’re excellent at all times. Here are some of the most popular and famous ones.

Horchata water, one of the many typical fresh waters of Mexico, made with rice, cinnamon and milk.

Refreshing Mexican drinks for the hot season.

As Mexico is a nation full of diverse climates, an endless number of refreshing drinks have been created that provide not only flavor but also hydration and are perfect for any time of the day.

  • Agua de horchata: this drink arrived in Mexico thanks to the Spanish conquest, it was mainly made from a seed similar to hazelnut, however, Mexican cuisine transformed it and now it’s made from rice, cinnamon and milk, and is a combination of flavors full of sweetness but also freshness, perfect for any occasion and ideal for any meal, you will love its flavor.
  • Tepache: this drink comes from pre-Hispanic Mexico and was mainly made from corn, but nowadays it’s made from pineapple and other fruits such as guava or prickly pear, it’s a fermented drink with a somewhat fizzy and strong flavor, however it’s ideal to accompany some good tacos de pastor or sudadero and perfect for the heat accompanied by a good amount of ice.
  • Jarritos: this drink is very modern compared to the previous ones, it was created in 1950 and to this day, it’s one of the most typical drinks in Mexico and is served in every Mexican home; it’s an ideal soft drink for any type of food, its flavors vary between tamarind, grape, apple and even tutti frutti. It’s a must try drink because its flavor is unique.

Typical Mexican drinks for cold weather

Just as there are typical Mexican cold drinks, there are also hot drinks, which are ideal for a rainy afternoon, a cold night or even for the winter season. Their flavor makes them favorite drinks and they’re commonly consumed by thousands of households in Mexico, the most famous are:

  • Atole: this drink is of pre-Hispanic origin and is made from corn, at first had no flavor but over the years this drink has been transformed and now has a myriad of flavors, ranging from fruity: such as guava or strawberry to the sweetest as cajeta or hazelnut cream. It’s a drink that can be accompanied by a good tamale or a sweet bread and is ideal for a cloudy morning or a cold night.
  • Champurrado: this drink is of Aztec origin and besides being delicious it’s extremely nutritious since it’s made from corn and cocoa, the Aztecs consumed it constantly and considered it an elixir, to this day it’s one of the drinks that show what Mexico is through its flavor and it’s perfect for any occasion.
  • Hot chocolate: it is a drink of pre-Hispanic origin, it comes from the Mayas and it was a more bitter drink than one we know today, because its base was only cocoa and this it tends to have a stronger flavor, however, when the Spaniards arrived this drink became sweet as it’s known today. Hot chocolate is one of those delicacies of Mexican cuisine that isn’t to be missed.
Mexican alcoholic drink known as tequila, accompanied by lemons and salt, a traditional way of consuming it in Mexico.

Typical Mexican alcoholic drinks

Mexicans are people who besides having a great variety of food have a great variety of alcoholic beverages perfect for each dish, these tend to be very diverse in flavor, which makes them delicious. These are the three favorites:

  • Tequila: a drink of ancestral origin that has been drunk since the 16th century, it is a spirit produced from the distillation of fermented must obtained from the heart of a plant known as «blue agave». Tequila can be consumed with various types of accompaniments such as soft drinks or fruit, however, the most Mexican way of consuming it’s in a small portion or shot accompanied by a good lemon with salt.
  • Pulque: it’s a very famous drink and is consumed not only in Mexico, it’s of pre-Hispanic origin and is obtained from the stalks of the maguey, is made from the fermentation of its mead. It is said that it was a gift from the Náhuatl goddess Mayáhuel to men because apart from being refreshing and delicious, it has medicinal properties, such as relieving gastrointestinal disorders, stimulating the appetite, combating weakness, etc.
  • Mezcal: For all evil, mezcal; for all good, too… and if there is no remedy: a liter and a half», says a famous saying among mezcal lovers. Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of the fermented juice of cooked agave heads or pineapples. It is a favorite drink of thousands of Mexicans, its flavor is strong like that of tequila but unique because of the great variety of categories it has. It originated in colonial times but its fame began with the Mexican Revolution and it was there, where its production became massive. It’s a drink that you must try with a maguey worm, lemon and salt.

Mexican drinks are varied and delicious for any palate, as there is a great diversity of options to suit all tastes and ages. These drinks are the most famous for their unique flavor and the way they transport you to Mexico and if you want to try any of them, we recommend you to come to Señor Lopez and enjoy a good tequila or a good jarrito accompanied by one of the many dishes we have on our menu.